April Showers

Welcome to the website for "April Showers", a new novel from author Patrick Delaney.

"April Showers" is a combination of literary fiction and commercial fiction. It’s William Kennedy’s Pulitzer Prize winning "Ironweed" meets the Hollywood Blockbuster Die Hard.

Living in the worst economic times since the Depression is hard, but for Tommy Madison, it has just become even harder. A year after returning from fighting in Afghanistan, he learns that the job he’s had since high school is moving to Mexico. Now jobless and with no skills, he learns another devastating truth: his unit is being redeployed. But Tommy knows that he’s never going back and it’s a decision that will forever change the course of Riverland’s history. Jack Kasper, a former newspaper reporter has lost everything in the past year, his job, his house and he’s sure that he’s losing his wife. Now forced to work as a janitor in a hospital that is trying to cope with a new strain of flu, the only bright spot in his days comes in the form of Molly Davenport, a married mother of two who’s trying to keep her head above water. But when a group of gunmen take over the hospital, Jack will risk everything to try to save her.

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